A solid album full of Phoenix, AZ hiphop stars such as G MOE of AVP, Lo of BlitzKrieg, Mav, B Staks and Skunk One of Sol Camp and Pound 4 Pound. This album has that gritty underground gangsta hiphop production. Big Haps is a dope artist that’s been putting it down on the east side of PHX for a long time, this album is his legacy. After buying this album it hasn’t left my cd player in weeks. Lots of good cuts on here reminds of me of Brotha Lynch Hung’s early stuff.




BIG HAPS mos deff puttin’ it down for PHOENIX. Bangers like “LEAN IN THE CUP” & “DIG A HOLE” knock hard in tha trunk, while tracks “YOUNGSTAZ” & “SOMETIMES I WONDER” are songs with real meaning….. PEEP GAME



by Purp Reynolds

i like that (Simple Things) that track was my favorite so i copped it. now i’m trying to vibe to the rest homie. check out my debut on itunes titled: Purple Passion