Mex Manny Beats = Platinum Hits

There are only a select few that are from Arizona that you can say are “Industry Standard” in the hip hop and R&B game. ASH Music got to sit down recently with one them and when we say this man is a beast with production, we werent lying.

Mex Manny Beats was hidden away in ATL doing work, but recently moved back to his roots in AZ and has been conecting with some of the artists out here to show some love. Not many people are aware, but being from Glendale Arizona, he elevated his carrer when he moved out to ATL, and there has been no looking back.

With two chart topping Billboard hits, he has more then enough placements and work under his belt to compete with anyone on an industry level. One of them was on Rhianna‘s Unapologetic album with the hit song “Loveee Song” feat Future. In an interview for MTV News, Future spoke about his collaboration with Rihanna, “They wanted a more uptempo record, so I sent four or five records, and I left the last record. It was more like a ballad, and I left it.” He further revealed that the original title of the song was “Love & Affection”, however, Rihanna’s mentor Jay-Z changed it to “Love Song” and added two additional ‘e’s becoming “Loveee Song”.

He came with that super producer status again with the Wale “Bad” remix feat Rhianna. This song has been 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also as high as #5 on the Billboard R&B and Hip Hop charts. When we say Platinum status, I told you we werent lying. Our very own ASH Music artist Big Haps will have some of his production on his upcoming album as well. Please check out the interview and music below!

ASH Music: How long have you been making beats?

Mex Manny: 20 Years 

ASH Music: Before you made beats, did you play any instruments?

Mex Manny: No, None at all.

ASH Music: wow, thats surprising.  Any family history of musicians?

Mex Manny: None.

ASH Music:Were you born and raised in AZ?

Mex Manny: Straight from Grandel! Glendale AZ.

ASH Music:What major artists have you worked with?

Mex Manny: TI, Rhianna, Wale, Gucci Mane

ASH Music: Any other type of music you feel influenced by?

Mex Manny: All Music has influenced me. Some by meoldies and some by the rythm.

ASH Music: Whats your thought process when you make a beat?

Mex Manny: Coming up with something that excites and inspires me to write hooks.

ASH Music: Instruments, or drums first?

Mex Manny: Melody first

ASH Music: Did you ever rap?

Mex Manny: I began rapping a little before I started producing beats. My name was Kid Brown.

ASH Music: Ahhh, I see Kid Brown! Raza! haha. What do you think about the music scene in AZ compared to a music city like LA or ATL?

Mex Manny: It’s Dead, dead, dead. Lol, I wish I home was like ATL

ASH Music: Any favorite producer’s/artists?

Mex Manny: Neyo cause he is a tuff writter/artist and MikeWill and his camp because they dominated the air waves.

ASH Music: Any projects your workin on we can look forward to?

Mex Manny: Working on 2 Pistols mixtape thanks to my boy Lex Mill!

ASH Music:you prefer working with production stations/keyboards/mpcs or midi?

Mex Manny: Mac Book, Midi controller, VST’s and Cubase.

ASH Music:Do you like to sample, or are you more of a play it type of beatmaker?

Mex Manny: I do more from scratch but I like to sample.

ASH music: Finally, what are the 3 most important things you learned from the music business?

Mex Manny: Here it go, Entertainment Lawyer, Good relationships, and an Unlimited work ethic!